• Ebtikar Card Systems

    Ebtikar Card Systems is a major provider of smart card solutions in the UAE. Established in 1996 to fulfil the growing demand for card and application needs, Ebtikar today offers telecommunication operators and organisations worldwide solutions to deliver air-time and value-added services. Ebtikar's services include OS development, standalone applications, SIM management and solutions and the manufacturing of a wide variety of SIM cards, scratch cards and memory cards. 

    In its endeavour to innovate, Ebtikar constantly develops new products and services such as the eco-friendly SIM card - the LiM SIM (Less is More), and the Micro SIM card - first introduced in the Middle Eastern region by Ebtikar.

    The company's ever expanding customer base now includes leading UAE projects as well as global businesses spread across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    Capitalising our Telco customer experience and flexible concept of technology to become a global player ensuring profitable and continuous growth.

    Providing customer oriented products and services enabling Telco operators
    worldwide to deliver air-time and value-added services.


  • Services and Products

    Equipped with profound professional experience, Ebtikar's offerings range from the manufacturing of a wide variety of SIM and other related cards to software development of applications and SIM related solutions.

    SIM Cards, Smart Cards, Scratch Cards and Fulfilment:
    • ISO Standard SIM cards
    • Memory cards
    • Payphone cards
    • Parking cards
    • Recharging cards
    • All types of packaging

    SIM Solutions such as:
    • e-Registration
    • e-Activation on Demand
    • Dynamic Number Allocation Systems

    SIM Software Applications such as:
    • 3G Phonebook
    • Smart & Assisted Roaming
    • M2M
    • SIM browsing
    • Customer self-care
    • Dual subscription
    • Mobile advertising
    • Secured services
    • Mobile Commerce/Banking
    • Infotainment

  • Certifications

    Ebtikar Card Systems Certifications are:

    GSMA Security Accredited Supplier


    ISO 9001/2008 Quality System